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How the Data Is Collected
Black Book utilizes a multi-step process to collect candid performance data of EMR/EHR vendors.
Book collects ballot results on 18 performance areas of operational excellence to rank vendors by EMR/EHR product lines. The gathered data is subjected immediately to an internal and external audit to verify completeness and accuracy, and to make sure the respondent is valid while ensuring the anonymity of the client company is maintained. During the audit, each data set is reviewed by a Black Book executive and at least two independent auditors. In this way, clients and prospective clients are able to clearly see how an EMR/EHR vendor is truly performing.
Understanding the Statistical Confidence of Black Book Data
Statistical confidence for each performance rating is based upon the number of organizations scoring the EMR service. Black Book identifies data confidence by one of several means:
1. Top Twenty ranked EMR vendors must have a minimum of ten unique clients represented. Broad categories require a minimum of ten unique client ballots to ensure cross section opinions are harvested. Data that is asterisked (*) represents a sample size below required limits and are intended to be used for tracking purposes only, not ranking purposes. Performance data for an asterisked vendor services can vary widely until a larger sample size is achieved. The margin of error can be very large and the reader is responsible for considering the possible current and future variation (margin of error) in the Black Book performance score reported.
2. EMR Vendors with over ten unique client votes are eligible for top twenty rankings and are assured to have highest confidence and lowest variation. Confidence increases as more organizations report on their EMR vendor. Data reported in this form is shown with a 95 percent confidence level (+/- .25, .20 or .15, respectively).
3. Raw numbers include the quantity of completed surveys and the number of unique organizations contributing the data for the survey pool of interest.
4. All validated participants receive a gratis copy of a Black Book Rankings report in 2014 or equal value credit.
Who Participates in the Black Book Ranking Process
Over 370,000 individuals are invited to participate annually (including physician leaders and non-clinical administrators of publicly traded hospital corporations, private hospitals, academic medical institutions, multispecialty medical group practices, small and multiple physician practices, hospitalist groups, faculty practices, teaching facilities, emergency departments, institutional members and officers of various healthcare/medical and IT professional organizations, subscribers of our media partners and previously validated survey participants). Non-invitation receiving participants must complete a verifiable profile, utilize valid corporate email address and are then included as well. Over 22,000 users were validated in the 2014 ranking process.
The Black Book survey web instrument is open to respondents and new participants twice each year Q4 through Q1 and Q2 through Q3, at
2014 EMR Vendor Rankings and Results
22,706 validated respondents ranked 614 EHR/EMR suppliers offering the four major service delivery sectors, as part of the Black Book annual survey conducted via web survey instrument. Additionally 7,340 non-users participated in non-ranking survey questions.

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